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I want to thank my two great friends Tony Gwynn and Merv Rettenmund for all of the endless hours they’ve spent and knowledge they’ve shared with me. If class is how you treat people you don’t need, then these two are surely true class.

Mark Wetzel

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Mark and Albert discussing the "million dollar inch" being the need to have the front elbow in exactly the right position during the set up. Mark and Albert discussing the proper set up making sure the hands are back. Obviously Mark and Albert enjoyed comparing notes. ....
Coach Wetzel Coach Wetzel Coach Wetzel Coach Wetzel

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ESPN's interview with Mark | MLB Veteran's Tony Gwynn -n- Mitch Webster Fox News' Shepard Smith's interview with Mark


Listen to Holden Kushner's radio interview with Mark Wetzel on XM Radio Channel 175 MLB Home Plate.  Broadcast Saturday, Aug. 18, 2007.

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Six-Time National League MVP Barry Bonds connecting with a pitch for his 586th career
home run.

Mark Wetzel (right) discusses hitting drills with his friend Tony Gwynn at Tony Gwynn Stadium, home of the San Diego State Aztecs.  Gwynn and Wetzel have been friends and associates for several years and have frequent discussions about hitting technique.  Gwynn, head baseball coach of the Aztecs, was inducted into the Major League Baseball Hall of Fame in 2007 alongside Cal Ripken -- two exemplary players, each of whom spent his entire career with a single ballclub.  

Wetzel Students Macri and Eymann Progress as Pros

Mark Wetzel (left) talks to Matt Macri about squaring up the ball during a hitting lesson prior to Macri's departure for 2008 spring training with the Minnesota Twins.

Two longtime students of Mark Wetzel are coming off strong seasons in professional baseball and are looking forward to moving onward and upward in 2009.  Matt Macri, a Des Moines (IA) Dowling Academy all-stater who has studied hitting under Coach Wetzel for the past ten years, was called up to the Minnesota Twins from AAA Rochester on May 24th and got two hits and an RBI in his first two major league at bats.  Macri played in eighteen games for the Twins, going 11-for-34 (.324) with a home run and four RBI's.  After the early season stint in the majors, Macri spent most of the season at Rochester, but was called back up to the big club on September 1.  The Twins contended for first place in the AL Central Division but, after finishing in a tie with the Chicago White Sox, were eliminated in a 1-0 playoff loss.  | More about Matt Macri |


Eric Eymann hit .299 for AA Chattanooga Lookouts in 2008.

While Macri was getting a taste of "The Show," former Creighton Prep standout Eric Eymann, who has been a Wetzel student for the past eight years, had a strong year with the Cincinnati Reds' AA affiliate, the Chattanooga (TN) Lookouts, posting the second highest batting average in the Reds minor league system (.299) and playing in the All-Star Game. 

| More about Eric Eymann |


Both ballplayers credit Wetzel with having a significant impact on their success at the high school, college and professional levels.  "What Mark teaches is a great way to hit," observed Eymann.  "It's just a great blueprint for a swing.  I really bought into what he was teaching before my senior year in high school, and I still believe in it today.  I come back here and work with Mark on my swing whenever I can."  Macri observed that "what Mark teaches works beautifully for me.  And he has the ability to help me out of slumps just by talking with me on the phone.  That's a tremendous help."

"A blind hitting instructor?  No Way!  You've got to be kidding!"


That's the common reaction when folks first hear about Mark Wetzel, widely known throughout baseball circles as "The Blind Guy."   But Mark has demonstrated a tremendous talent for turning skeptics into believers during his career as a personal instructor for hitters from pre-teens to pros. 


Mark Wetzel

From his hitting facility in the rolling Ponca Hills on the northern outskirts of Omaha, Nebraska, Mark conducts lessons and consults with hitters who are serious about improving their performance at the plate.  Working with a well-trained and experienced crew of assistants, Mark has helped many an aspiring hitter realize his or her dream of achieving success and moving on to the next level. 


So what's his secret?   How can a blind guy teach someone to hit a pitched baseball, arguably one of the toughest challenges in all of sports?


First of all, Mark is not completely blind.  Although an incurable eye disease known as macular degeneration has robbed Mark of most of his central vision, he retains sufficient peripheral vision to perceive what hitters are doing with their heads, hands, hips and feet -- the building blocks of the Wetzel swing.  He teams up with his son Lance and other long-term assistants to analyze swings and prescribe drills intended to improve bat speed, contact and power.


Mark Wetzel is shown here in an instructional session with two-time First Team All-Nebraska Designated Hitter Mark Waldron, a recent graduate of Creighton Prep.  Waldron, a student of Wetzel's for the past seven years, has recently committed to play college ball at Butler County Community College in Kansas, one of the top baseball JUCO's in America.  


Secondly, and more importantly, Mark's success is the result of an all-consuming desire to comprehend and master the science and art of hitting -- a journey that has to taken him to major league front offices and clubhouses, where he has developed professional associations with, and earned the respect of, some of the top names in baseball, including newly-elected Hall of Fame member Tony Gwynn, and long-time hitting instructor, Merv Rettenmund.  As a result of this quest, Mark's knowledge of the fundamentals of successful hitting at every level is extraordinary.


Explore this website to learn more about this remarkable man and the remarkable success that he has had instructing young hitters.  If you or someone in your family has the desire and commitment to become a top hitter, a visit to the Blind Guy is one of the best things you can do to help to realize that dream. 


We invite you to explore this website and contact Mark at for further information.




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